Troubleshooting SmartPhone Email

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Smartphones and tablets may not always automatically detect the correct settings that best apply to your email services.  While most devices today can automatically detect the appropriate settings for Exchange, Google Apps, and POP3/IMAP services, you may need to take some extra steps to address sending/receiving issues with your device.

Troubleshooting SmartPhone Email Steps:

Check your password in webmail:

Many send/receive issues are not so much caused by configuration problems but providing an incorrect password (not mistyping it). To ensure that you are using the correct password for your email services, visit your webmail address and try logging in there first:

  • SmarterMail: Type in your browser (replacing with your domain name)
  • Google Apps: Visit to try your full email address and password (even if it does not end in
  • Exchange: If you are using Exchange, browse to OWA (Outlook Web Access) which can be or, replacing with your domain name)

Determine if you have an Internet connectivity issue:

On your tablet or smartphone, close your mail program and turn off Wifi on your device.  Using your cellular data connection re-open your mail program and verify that email still is not sending or receiving (this will help to determine if it is a local connectivity issue).

Confirm your settings:

  • For SmarterMail users with iPhones follow these instructions to setup POP3 email on iPhones (for SmarterMail users using other devices, check out the email settings here).
  • For Google Apps users, you should tap the email account type “Google” and add your account using your full email address (
  • For Exchange users on iPhones, follow these steps to add Exchange to your iPhone.  If you are not using an iPhone to access your Exchange account, you can select “Exchange” as the account type and after adding your full email address and password, you can select which Exchange items you would like to sync.