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Mega Menus in Web Design

Build faster, better website navigation without compromising your visitor experience using mega menus. The concept of mega menus has been around for a number of years in a variety of visual formats but the idea is generally the same. Think of it like a hover navigation on steroids or in...

Website Usability & Accessibility in Web Design

The usability/accessibility aspects of designing any website should be a well thought out series of steps that don’t overburden clients but that help to ensure a polished result while limiting iterations to the extent possible along the way. In the design process for a recent website that IQComputing built, our...

Photo Manipulation

With even our most basic services, we provide basic photo editing in our projects, we do not include advanced photo manipulation in our basic packages (to help keep your costs as low as possible) however can certainly assist you with all your photo manipulation needs. Our basic photo touch ups...

Website Visibility Factors

When beginning a new project, a common concern is if viewers will see a website the same. The short answer? No. There are many condition factors that determine if a website is displayed the same or not. For example, if two users are using the same conditions, then yes – a...

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