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Latest Articles

Exchange 2FA with Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft is enabling the security defaults setting for your Exchange account that includes multifactor authentication They claim it “can block more than 99.9 percent of identity attacks that attempt to compromise your accounts”. For the fourteen days prior to the setting being turned on, everyone in your organization will need to register for multifactor authentication. […]

Forwarding to External Email Addresses Fails in Microsoft 365 Exchange

By default, Microsoft’s security policies prevent forwarding to email addresses outside of organizations. This can be helpful from a security perspective however you can disable this feature on a per-user or an organization-wide basis if you need to allow forwarding to other email recipients outside of your Microsoft 365 domain such as Gmail addresses. Symptoms […]

Editing Beaver Builder Pages

Help my page styles are missing! If your website is utilizing the visual builder called Beaver Builder, it’s important to retain this builder while editing a page. Switching off the page builder can leave your website’s page in shambles. Restoring A Page When editing a page or post that is using Beaver Builder, you will […]

Enable Random MAC Addresses for Microsoft Surface Marvell Avastar Wifi

MAC address randomization is a feature that has been around for some years and is used to help defeat privacy tracking tools. The concept is simply this; the MAC address provided to a given WiFi network is randomized, making it difficult to track a system based on what used to be an immutable MAC address. […]

Ping Not Recognized on Windows 10

If you happen to run into a scenario when using the ping utility in which a normal DOS command prompt results in either of the following errors, there’s a fix for that! ‘ping’ is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file ‘ipconfig’ is not recognized as an internal or […]

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