Add an Exchange Account to iPhone

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If your services include IQComputing’s Exchange online services, you can use the following steps to add an Exchange account to your iPhone.

Step One

From the Home screen tap the Settings icon, next, tap Mail, next tap Accounts and then tap Add Account

iPhone Home ScreeniPhone ios11 Settings ScreeniPhone ios11 Accounts & Passwords Screen

Step Two

From the Add Account screen tap Exchange

iPhone ios11 Add Account Exchange Screen

Step Three

On the Exchange Account screen enter your full E-mail address and the description of the Exchange Account – if you choose to do so, then tap Next, and finally tap Sign In.

iPhone ios11 Exchange Signin Screen

Step Four

You will next be presented with the page. Enter your Exchange account password and tap the Sign in button.

iphone ios11 iosaccounts login microsoftonline exchange screen

Step Five

Assuming you entered your password correctly your Exchange account will be verified and you will be presented with the Exchange page.

Mail should be turned ON; however, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes should be ON or OFF depending on your preference.

iPhone Exchange Mail Contacts Calendars Reminders Notes Enable Screen

Step Six

Once you have all settings as desired tap Save

Your Exchange account is now configured and should be ready for use on your iPhone!

Please test your new account setup by sending a message to yourself and if you have an alternative account try sending a message to that account and then reply back from the alternative account to your new mail account to confirm send/receive is working as expected!