Paper Document Scanning Services

We see it all the time, especially with small businesses: A box, stack, or file cabinets of business papers that need to be properly scanned so that the contents can be indexed and searched on, almost as if you had the original in a digital format the whole time. St Louis businesses can rely on us to scan/OCR files and destroy physical copies to free up valuable time and storage.

Get it together and get it to us

By the time you read this, it feels like you're already late to the game when it comes to digitizing your old paper files. Compile all those documents, boxes, and receipts.  We’ll take your materials and if it can be legibly read by a computer, we’ll scan your documents and return them to you along with a copy in digital format. Don’t have time to prepare them?  We’ll take care of paperclips, staples, and even non-standard sized pages.  We can even combine every document into a single, large, searchable PDF file for you!

Advantages to Converting Documents into PDF Files

We’re big fans of taking anything that is paper and making it a PDF file, but not just any PDF file mind you!  We use optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can search using your preferred software from Google Drive to Windows search. What good are digital files if you can’t sift through them quickly to find what you need, especially if the digital “stack” in question is in the hundreds or thousands?  This approach enables you to find what you need at your fingertips.

Convert Your Office Stuff to Digital Formats

It just makes it easier to find and provides you with the opportunity to back up documents/files to multiple storage locations.

  • Cabinets of loose paper
  • All types of paper based records including receipts and hand-written notes
  • Microfilm and microfiche to digital image files

It’s a great time to “clean house” and convert what you need while shredding what you don’t. We can assist you with your document and digital media destruction. From documenting old hard drives to completing a ten-pass wipe and finally, physically shredding their remains, you can rest easy that parties can’t access your data again. In this digital age, safeguarding and properly disposing of drives, USB sticks, and any other storage media that contain data is incredibly important to any business, regardless of size.

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