Convert Your Broadridge Emerald Connect Website to WordPress

Looking to convert your Emerald Connect advisor website design to WordPress?

Please note that IQComputing has no affiliation with or connection to Broadridge Emerald Connect. For assistance with your Broadridge Emerald Connect account, please contact them directly. Only WordPress conversion services are provided for Emerald Connect websites.

If you’re looking for more advanced customization and design then Emerald Connect’s advisor website templates offer out of the box then you’re in the right place.
IQComputing provides Broadridge Emerald Connect conversions to WordPress customization for financial advisor websites that run on the proprietary Emerald content management system platform and have outgrown its limitations.

Convert Your Emerald Connect Website to WordPress
Financial advisors often find themselves willingly (or not) locked into using platform such as the Broadridge Emerald Connect website system.  We can help free you from the constraints of the platform’s templates by creating custom graphic design to reflect the quality of a website built outside of Emerald Connect and building your site right into WordPress, an open-source content management system. Already have artwork created by a graphic designer?  Our development team can use those design concepts that you provide including Adobe PhotoShop and Microsoft PowerPoint layouts. We’ll implement them to give you that custom appearance you’re looking for.  There are no long-term commitments and our Emerald connect advisor custom website conversions are completed by our own in-house development team.

Broadridge Website Update Services
If you need to move away from an existing Broadridge Emerald Connect website, contact us for assistance and we can help make that happen. Complex or simple, our development team can convert your website and migrate your content . You don’t have to be limited by the Emerald Connect system. Our development team gives you fast service turn-around times with in-house support. Call us at (636) 594-5552 to talk about what we can do for you!

A Brief Broadridge Financial Solutions Background
In 2014 Broadridge acquired the financial advisor solutions provider, Emerald, along with its extensive portfolio of advisor firm websites from StoneRiver Group LP. Emerald had been around for more than two decades and offers a custom-built platform for creating and distributing websites in the financial industry. The Broadridge acquisition combined financial advisor tools from both firms into a solution that is packaged and targeted specifically to financial advisory outfits.  While numerous benefits were touted as part of this, the Emerald Connect platform’s content management system can be somewhat restrictive and its template practices can limit how you can position your firm on the web.

Convert From Emerald Connect to WordPress
If you’re ready to upgrade from Emerald Connect to WordPress, we can help you get there.  Our team can rebuild your financial advisor website into a responsive, secure, and reliable WordPress website. Offering you the ability to make content changes and unleashing the power of open-source, WordPress features advanced customization not often available in restrictive proprietary content management systems. Converting an Emerald Connect website to WordPress comes with its own unique challenges and we’re here to help you make that move!

Common Advisor Firms Using Emerald Connect
Some financial advisor firms associated with LPL Financial, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo use Emerald Connect websites as their gateway to the Internet. Establishing credibility is key in the financial sector and equally important is carrying your branding throughout your online presence.  Greet customers searching for reputable financial advisors with a look and feel that reflects the quality of services being provided!

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