Our Process

Over the course of your website’s development, we help you through each stage of your project's process. One of the keys to the success of any project is easy, straight forward communication!

We provide free phone and email communication throughout the development of a project and continue to provide this support with our hosting services (even after your website has been launched).

How It Works

Our design and development process focuses on providing high-quality results driven by feedback from you. Your project is constructed in phases that make up the following milestones:

Design Brief & Discovery

If your website includes design concept(s), we send you a single page document with guiding questions that help us to understand your focus, your business, and your customers. This serves as a basis for our design work to help align your vision with the website’s design appearance.

Optional Logo Concepts or Logo Polishing

If you choose to add on a new set of logo ideas or to have our team rebuild/polish your existing logo, this milestone is devoted to the visual work and revisions process of the new logos.

Logo Concept Examples

Homepage Design Concept

If your project includes conceptual design work, we’ll use your content, requirements and any additional requests that you have to create a custom concept(s) that shows what your homepage will look like. This enables you (and anyone within your organization) to visualize how your new website will appear even before any development takes place. Much like an artist rendering of a new building before construction, you can provide feedback and request changes ahead of the actual development process itself. Your project may include one or more rounds of FREE revisions. Any design updates requested outside of the scope of the estimate can always be added onto your project before development.

Website Development

Once your website’s homepage design concept has been approved, we’ll do the heavy lifting and take it from there. We’ll implement your finalized design and integrate it into an easy to use content management system.

Content Migration/Integration

After the main website development structure has been set up, we’ll get started on flushing out your provided content into the same page structure outlined in your custom proposal. Depending on your project, this could include polish and migration of your pages, posts, data, products, images and files from your existing website or just your new, finalized content.

Review & Revisions

In most cases you are provided with a review link so that you can preview your website before it ever goes live. This gives you the opportunity to provide any pre-launch revision requests and feedback. Most projects include one or more FREE rounds of revisions. Use all your included revisions? Feel free to add as many more as you’d like until you’re ready to launch.

Launch & Training

When you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level, our team will take care of the launch process of your website and will be able to schedule training for the content management of your website. Our team also provides optional ongoing or on-demand scheduled phone training as well as training at our office.