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Browser Caching & How To Clear It

What is Browser Caching? To reduce page load time and to optimize bandwidth usage, your browser will store temporary web documents (such as HTML pages and images) of the website pages you visit on your computer. This feature is commonly referring to as browser caching and the locally stored files...

Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling

Drives removed from workstations, laptops, and servers should always be destroyed properly to avoid data breach incidents as a result of data falling into the wrong hands. If you plan on taking older systems out of service or experience failed hardware problems, IQComputing can assist you to destroy your data...

Uploading With FTP

Uploading with FTP can be accomplished with a variety of both freeware and paid software. If you need an FTP client in order to access FTP services associated with your account, we recommend using the FileZilla Client (download it for free at http://filezilla-project.org).  When downloading FileZilla ensure that you download...

Boot To Desktop in Windows 8.1

For both corporate and consumer users of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, a big complaint that we often receive is the extra step that is involved with using the start screen interface.  Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 now allows you to boot straight to the desktop. To enable boot to desktop...

Windows 8.1 – Using the Start Button

In Windows 8.1 left clicking the Start button brings up the Windows 8 Start screen.  Right clicking the Start button opens the Power User menu which provides quick access to key sections like Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search, Run and, what most users were missing with Windows 8,...

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