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Google’s App Store Developer Policy Changes

On Monday, September 28, 2020, Google released a statement about their newly updated developer program payment policy for their app store. Google’s App Store policy change comes on heels of a well-publicized brush-up between Apple and Epic to prevent app developers from using third party payment systems. Google stated that this policy change would affect […]

2020 St. Louis Best in Value St. Louis Website Design Company

This is IQComputing’s 11th year being voted as a “Best In” by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly! We’ve worked on some awesome projects this past year and we’re honored to be given this award again for the 11th time. For the past 2 decades, IQComputing has always strived to help small to medium-sized businesses […]

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser

If you’re Windows user, chances are you have recently been part of Microsoft’s automatic Windows update that included having Microsoft Edge involuntarily downloaded to your computer, the icon added to your desktop and pinned to your taskbar. While this version of Edge is an updated version of the existing browser, some users are unhappy with […]

File Locations for Common WordPress Caching Plugins

When a webpage is cached, your browser saves/stores images and page HTML so it create the impression that the site is loading faster during subsequent visits to the same page or site. A WordPress caching plugin can have the same impact from a server perspective producing static HTML pages of your website and saving them […]

How To Merge Facebook Business Pages

Being able to manage your Facebook Business page is an essential part of growing your brand online. A Facebook Business page has to be connected to a personal page. If your business has 2 or more pages, merging them into one will help avoid confusion between consumers looking to connect with your brand through Facebook. […]

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