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How To Merge Facebook Business Pages

Being able to manage your Facebook Business page is an essential part of growing your brand online. A Facebook Business page has to be connected to a personal page. If your business has 2 or more pages, merging them into one will help avoid confusion between consumers looking to connect with your brand through Facebook. […]

Importance of Keeping Google Business Hours Updated

Google My Business is a product that is as ubiquitous as Google’s own search engine results. The data served by this platform is closely integrated in search results, maps, and other services to the degree that Google users may not even visit your website when they see its familiar card flash up in search results. […]

Free Google Shopping Tab Listings for US Advertisers

Google shopping is now allowing new and existing advertisers to list products for free on the Google Shopping tab. This is coming just as many businesses are wondering how they’re going to sustain themselves during the Coronavirus pandemic. With more consumer’s online, this will allow retailers to gain more exposure. For Existing Advertisers If you’re […]

Local Google Search & Facebook Features for Businesses During Covid-19

With the COVID-19 crises, it’s especially important for affected businesses to keep their customers informed about changes to their everyday business operations. Luckily, many popular social platforms utilized by small businesses have implemented features that make it easier for companies to keep their clientele updated during these difficult times. Google Business Update Attributes Attributes is […]

Best Time to Post Content

One of the hardest jobs for social media marketers is finding the right times to post content to get the most engagement. Luckily, there’s been a lot research done on the most optimal times to post across multiple platforms. Sprout Social’s Data Research Team has done a lot of analyzing to determine the best (and […]

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