Smartermail Auto-Responder and Out of Office Responses

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Are you going on vacation soon and need to setup an Out of Office reply? Setting up an auto-responder for your Smartermail email account is a simple way to ensure that anyone emailing you is notified of your absence or inability to respond immediately.

Please note that to avoid auto-responder loops, your email is configured to limit responses to one per day for a given sender.

You can follow these simple steps to setup your own auto-responder.

Step One

Log in to your webmail account then locate and click ‘Settings’ from the left navigation bar (the “gears” icon). Then under Settings, click the Auto-Responder link.


Step Two

On the Auto-Responder screen select the Message tab. Here you will want to fill in your Subject, Start and End dates, times, message body, and finally enable your active date range.  Once you are happy with your message settings click ‘Save’ at the top of the screen.  In instances where you do not want to set an active date range for your auto-response message simply leave the option ‘Enable active date range’ unchecked.


Step Three

On the Options tab you have two options.  When you are ready to enable the auto-responder you can select the checkbox to turn this functionality on.  Typically you will also want to select the checkbox to ‘Disable responses to indirect mail’ (this option tells the auto-responder to only send your message to email sent directly to you and to not respond to any mailing list, forwarded or alias addressed email). Click ‘Save’ at the top of the screen and test your auto-responder by sending an email to yourself from another email address.


It really is that simple to set up an auto-responder in Smartermail!