Custom Branded File Sharing Portals

Every business needs a branded white label FTP file sharing portal. Get yours and start managing users, files, and more!

Everyone has heard or used services like DropBox and many businesses have tried to run their own FTP file sharing service for customers and employees alike. Take your file sharing portal to the next level with a custom look, easy management, and built-in management tools!

Business Features:

  • Unlimited users (manage in real-time)
  • Simple browser uploads or via FTP
  • Manage files online or via FTP
  • Scalable storage capacities
  • Custom branded to your company
  • Restrict users to home directories
  • Specific folder/file permission options
  • Mobile-friendly interface!
  • HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support
  • Activity and event reporting
  • Activity email notifications
  • Password-protect public download links
Your Business Branding
your business, your brand

Branded to Your Company

No more generic control panel visuals! Project the most professional image possible with a customer FTP portal that is branded with your company’s logo, background image, and theme colors. Your customers will be impressed with your custom interface that rivals internal enterprise FTP management systems. You can even select a URL that makes the most sense for you such as “” or “” – completely independent from your existing website!

 access options via

Browser, Mobile Device, or FTP

Provide your customers with a variety of options for viewing files and folders either from a desktop or a mobile device. Give them easy online access right through their browser for those that want the easiest experience to view/download or even to upload, all without any FTP software. Alternatively you can easily add FTP logins for use with any FTP client. Your users can use either option depending on their preference. No need to install third party applications or fiddle with FTP settings if you don't want to.

Admin Access
Admin Features

Administration Features

You can easily add/manage as many users as you need, whenever you want with real-time user administration. Lock them to their own directories, disable uploading, share directories with the public, and even password-protect public shares. The options and configurations are endless and you can tailor them to your business needs. You can choose to manage your files via your browser or via FTP (and your users can do so as well).

 get updates on all

Activity Logs & Event Notifications

Get email report notifications based on specific events or login to view activity by user, action, or even by specific file! Transparency is key in today’s business environment and detailed activity logs provide you with important information about visitor activity, source IP addresses and more!


Custom File Sharing Examples:

  • Agencies & Designers
    Provide each of your customers with their own home directory – so that they can’t see anyone else’s files and easily share very large files with them or allow them to upload large files to you!
  • Distributor Portals
    Give every one of your distributors their own unique login – Disable uploading and allow them to access important distributor files, folders, and directories right from their own browser. Get notified about activity or watch specific distributor actions.
  • Upload-only Form
    Enable customers to easily upload very large files directly via any modern web browser – Get notified about uploads!
  • Share Large File Links
    Upload very large files or collections of files and share them publicly or with a password-protect public link to get information to recipients quickly, all from your own custom white label file sharing system.