St. Louis WordPress Developer

As the premier St. Louis WordPress developer, we’re constantly asked “why WordPress?” when it comes to the choice of open source content management systems.

St. Louis WordPress Developer powered by WordPressBack in 2003 following the initial release of WordPress by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, the general perception was (and rightly so) that WordPress was very much limited to blog websites with little to offer the mainstream CMS audience.  WordPress has always been built on an open source foundation and in fact, its predecessor, b2 or “cafelog”, was also designed to run using PHP/MySQL technologies, forgoing paid alternatives in the market at the time.

A bit of WordPress history

WordPress Development "Code is Poetry"Since its inception however, WordPress has grown and undergone a number of major upgrades to outgrow its roots as a simple blogging platform with limited customization options.  As the top content management system today in market share, publishing content couldn’t be easier and along with that comes incredible opportunities to make websites run faster and with better security than before. Plugins, some well written and some very poorly written, make it easy to add basic functionality to websites (a case can be made that poorly written plugins leads to overall weaknesses in the open source content management system ecosystem since these are often the points of vulnerabilities and subsequent website breaches).

St. Louis WordPress Development

We’re St. Louis WordPress developers with experience in designing, building, and supporting WordPress websites.  Our sites don’t slow you down but instead add to your website visitors’ experience as they browse through pages.  In our experience bastardizing existing themes to just “make it work” causes more problems for the end user than developing WordPress websites from scratch and this approach can even distort important marketing messaging. From truly custom theming (following the essence of the Internet with pure HTML5/CSS and other current generation technologies including AJAX) to custom St. Louis WordPress development, IQComputing is constantly deploying websites that facilitate editing without sacrificing the speed, security, and usability of static websites.  Built-in optimization and low bloat all contribute to higher performance and lower resource footprints combined with best practices security configuration which helps to protect against marauding brute force hacking scripts.

Why WordPress Makes Sense for Websites

WordPress is designed to be portable.  This means that websites powered by WordPress can be easily moved from one web hosting provider to another with minimal configuration changes and can even be used in content delivery network (CDN) or clustered environments to response to high-traffic needs. The WordPress roadmap has lead its development to take a stable path with a great network of core contributors as well as quality security and reliability when it comes to building sites that are as future-proof as possible.  All too often we have seen CMS technologies come and go, creating expensive and frustrating situations as a result of obsolescence and WordPress has done a great job to ensure fast and easy updating of its core as well as plugins and even themes.

It’s time to dump the old, obsolete, clunkers of CMS platforms that are difficult to update, impossible to upgrade, and that leave your website stuck in the last decade. If you’re ready to turn to the best St. Louis WordPress development company, give us a call today at (636) 594-5552 and we can help you design, build, and deploy a fast WordPress website.