Business Email Services

IQComputing offers four options for email services. Each email service offers different benefits that make sense for different business applications.

Need access to your full mailbox with calendar, contact, and messaging synchronization across all of your devices? It may just be time to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Exchange online!

SmarterMail Business Email

IMAP/POP3 over SSL for small business; low cost solution great for large numbers of small email accounts or businesses with very small storage requirements.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Email

Microsoft’s flagship email service offering cloud-based email that natively integrates with Microsoft Outlook for full contact, calendar, folder, and message synchronization offering individual mail storage from 50 GB to 100 GB per user. Exchange Online provides full cross-device syncing regardless of devices from tablets to smartphones and webmail all the way to your desktop and laptop. Even better, if your device fails or is lost, you can easily add an Exchange Online account to a new one and your messages, contacts, calendar, and email folders will re-download to it!

Google Workspace Email (formerly G Suite)

Google’s cloud business email service with 30 GB, 2 TB, and 5 TB of basic email storage per user but more limited desktop support for business email applications (as it doesn’t offer full native contact/calendar syncing with desktop email programs and has some contact Outlook syncing limitations via its Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) program).

Bring Your Own Email

Already have a non-profit, on-premise, or third party email service? No problem! Our team takes care to avoid interrupting mail flow and can work with you to ensure that your website applications deliver mail properly with best practices SPF and spam bypass rules

Get the best of both worlds

IQComputing also offers split Exchange to help customers keep costs low! You can allocate Microsoft 365 Exchange Online to core staff while the rest of your users continue to use SmarterMail Business Email.

If you’re looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Email, our team can help!

Business Email

$ (not per-user)

  • Access Type - IMAP / POP3
  • Mailbox Size - 500 MB
  • Split Exchange

Microsoft 365
Exchange Online

$$ (per user cost)

  • Access Type - Exchnage / IMAP / POP3
  • Full Calendar, Contact, Message, Folder Sync
  • Full Outlook Sync Support
  • Mailbox Size - 50 GB to 100 GB
  • Split Exchange

Workspace Email

$$$ (per user cost)

  • Access Type - IMAP / POP3
  • Full Calendar, Contact, Message, Folder Sync
  • Mailbox Size - 30 GB to 5 TB