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When you’re missing email in Outlook there are a number of possible reasons why you might not see them.  Here are the first places to check when you believe that you are not receiving messages in Outlook.

Check Your Junk E-mail Folder & Options

In Outlook, check your Junk Email folder (this should appear in the left navigation pane).  Do you see the message in question in your Junk Mail folder?

  •  Ensure that ‘No Automatic Filtering’ is selected
  •  Ensure the sender’s email address is not in the Blocked Senders list
  •  Add the sender’s email address to the Safe Senders list

Junk Mail Options - Outlook 2010-13


Check Your Rules

If the message is not in your Junk Mail folder, do you have any rules in place to route mail to another folder?  To check and disable rules in Outlook 2007 select Tools and then select Rules and Alerts, in Outlook 2010 & 2013 select File, then click Manage Rules & Alerts button.  Clear check boxes for any rules you need to disable, then click OK.

Check Other Devices

Do you access your account from multiple devices and computers?  If so, check your other devices to determine if the message has arrived on any of your other devices.

Check Webmail

Do you see the message in question in webmail?

Check With The Sender

Ask the sender to check their Outbox to ensure they actually sent the message.

Check With The Sender

Ask the sender to check for bounce messages (Non Delivery Receipts)

Failed delivery location notifications often contain information to notify the sender why the message would not deliver.

  •  Mailbox full – You may need to clean your webmail mailbox (possibly due to email account space restrictions)
  •  Wrong address – Have your sender check that your address is properly spelled

If you are still unable to find the messages that you are missing, check your spam quarantine or contact your domain mail administrator and ask them to check the spam quarantine (if IQComputing is your acting domain mail administrator please contact the IQComputing team to investigate the issue).