Email Newsletters & Email Blasts

Start emailing newsletters using pre-built or custom templates today!

With the majority of your current and potential customers likely checking email every day if not multiple times a day, you could be missing out on potential opportunities to engage your audience with offers, industry news, and more.

Custom Email Newsletters Versus Email

Why you need an actual email newsletter service to send your next custom email blast:

  • Higher deliverability rates than traditional email
    (98% to inboxes)
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Self-service newsletter subscriptions and preference changes
  • Easy contact management
  • Duplicate past campaigns for faster email blasts
  • Integration options
  • Custom email blast designs
  • Quick template options

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to start sending your own email newsletters, click here to open your account, import your contacts, and prepare your first newsletter. IQComputing can design, create, and help you to manage your custom newsletter or you can take this into your hands by selecting responsive newsletter templates and adding your contacts.

Creating Email Newsletters That Work

Don’t Try to Sell Product in Email Newsletters

Invariably the temptation arises to push products and services as primary focus of newsletters. Does this make sense for you? The real answer when it comes to email marketing is that it depends. For the most part (it’s a bit of a backwards concept for some newsletter marketers) your objective shouldn’t be to see newsletters as another sales channel. The last thing that your customers want is one more piece of junk email that they can discard, never to open again. This holds true with most email newsletters today however there are great possibilities when it comes to limited time sales, time-based promotions, and late-breaking news that tie into your industry or services. Those digital nuggets represent excellent, content-rich fodder for eyeballs that wouldn’t otherwise care to receive yet another circular.

What’s the Best Day to Send My Newsletter?

So you have a stellar email newsletter with some great content, possibly some sort of subtle pitch, and you’re itching to schedule your digital masterpiece. This is a simple question with many answers. In short, it just depends. According to a HubSpot source, Saturday has the highest average click through rate (CTR) which Sunday follows close behind. If you’re trying to fill seats at a venue on a Friday however, sending a newsletter the weekend before may not help. Based on past experience, it’s generally a great idea to send out a campaign between 2-4 PM CST as recipients open personal messages most often during this time period (and it provides a better opportunity to get seen by recipients on both the East/West coasts). Sending out campaigns and donation requests during holidays can be tricky as many recipients are in vacation mode so plan your campaigns accordingly. Sending newsletters during major holidays such as Thanksgiving may be beneficial for non-profit fundraising drives but if you’re trying to reach business users, it’s probably not going to provide as much of a return since many business users try to "disconnect" during the weekend and on the holiday itself.

Building Your Newsletter Recipient List

Look to your existing customer base as a great way to encourage signups, forwards, etc… IQComputing’s St. Louis web development team can help you add signup links across your online presence including your website as well as signatures generated by emails and contact forms. We strongly recommend against buying or “scraping” email addresses to build your lists. Your recipients should want to receive your newsletter (and that voluntary subscription says more than anything when they do).