Add an Exchange E-mail Account to Outlook

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For Microsoft Windows 8.1 & 10 operating system users, please follow the directions below to add an Exchange e-mail account to Outlook.

Step One

Open Control Panel with ‘View by’ set to Large or Small icons, and Select Mail (32 bit).

Control Panel Mail 32-bit Highlighted

Step Two

In Mail Setup select the E-mail Accounts button.

Outlook Mail Setup

Step Three

Outlook 2007 and below will only support one Exchange account.  Under Account Settings Select any existing Microsoft Exchange Account and select ‘Remove’ from the top right of the window.   Once your old Exchange account is removed select ‘New’ from the top left of the window.

Outlook Email Account Settings

Step Four

In the Add New Account window enter your Name, exchange email address and new e-mail account.  Ensure that you replace Your Name with your own name, as well as replacing “” with your specific email address.  Verify the information is correct and click ‘Next‘.

Exchange Add New Account

Step Five

Outlook may present a prompt “Allow this website to configure server settings?” check ‘Don’t ask me about this website again’ and click the ‘Allow’ button.

Step Six

Assuming all information was entered correctly Outlook will test the account settings and you will see green checks confirming successful addition of the new account.