Website Visibility Factors

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When beginning a new project, a common concern is if viewers will see a website the same. The short answer? No.

There are many condition factors that determine if a website is displayed the same or not. For example, if two users are using the same conditions, then yes – a website look identically the same. However, if users are using a mix of the conditions listed below, then they would see a website in different ways:

  • Viewport – Depending on the user’s viewport (being a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone), they will see your website in slightly different ways.
  • Screen Resolution – Depending on a user’s monitor and screen resolution size, they may see a contrast or size difference.
  • Browser – Although we cross browser check all of our website projects, each browser tends to display elements slightly different. However to the average user, these differences generally go unnoticed. In addition if a user is using an older browser, they will not see some of the newer effects that can be done.