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To make changes to an existing website (whether we created your website or not), we would need the following materials to make updates to your website:

  • A complete list of your change requests – Please ensure to be as detailed as possible. We can certainly review your requests via phone to ensure we understand the requests made.
  • Finalized content and images – please provide each of your page’s content in a separate word document. If you are requesting just a few word changes, please provide the entire paragraph with the updates applied (rather than a list of updates such as add a coma in paragraph 2, line 5 after the word ‘website’).
  • Design and Layout Preferences – if you do not have a preference (or do not clearly specify your preference), we will use our professional recommendation and accommodate the updates and/or new content in the best way we see fit.
  • Payment – Because of the custom nature of update requests, we require full payment before any changes are made.
  • FTP Access to your website – NOTE: If you are a current client of IQComputing, we will generally not need this.

Please note, before we can provide a project estimate we will need the complete list of change requests and finalized content/images to review.

Depending on the size and complexity of your change requests, we will generally make small updates directly to your website (without any rounds of revisions) to help keep project costs as low as possible. Per your request we can certainly add a round of revisions and a test website for your project.