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How Do Project Payments Work?
While every project is different, due to their customer nature, smaller graphic design projects typically require full payment in advance.  Small websites typically are split into three milestones and for more information about your specific project, please contact us.

How is Communication Handled?
To enhance your customer service experience, we provided you with access to our advanced ticketing system.  All of your email requests are tracked and available to current customers in addition to easy access to update your account contact and billing information.

A ‘ticket’ is simply a documented request. For example, if you called and wanted to make updates to a current or new website, we’d create a new ticket detailing the update requests, attain or verify the account holder’s contact information and even specify the urgency of the request or the right resource queue in our team. Each ticket has a unique reference number to properly organize every ongoing reply (you can see this in the subject line of any ticket email). By providing a ticket number, anyone on our team will be able to access your information and project details to best meet your needs.

To create a new ticket you can call (636) 594-5552 or log into your client account.

How Long Will It Take?
Because each project is custom, the time frame for each project varies due to the size and complexity of the project as well as our current production queue. Project timelines are also affected on how quickly we can obtain design briefs, content, images, etc. from the client. Usually most graphic design projects and logo designs can be completed within 5-8 business days while basic websites generally require 2-3 weeks. However every project is different and we recommend contacting our team to get more information about the scope and timing of your project for best accuracy.

What About Revisions?
All of our starting website design packages include an hour round of revisions. A round of revisions can include text or image updates, color and font changes, small layout modifications, etc.

A website redraw would mean the creation of a completely new concept (versus making changes to an existing concept). This redraw process differs from a round of revisions because many additional hours are put into a redraw (as it is basically creating a brand new design concept).

Can My Website Be Indexed By Search Engines?
Websites that we create are designed both structurally and semantically with search engine baseline best practices in mind. While true organic search engine optimization requires efforts, you can expect that search engines will crawl your website within a matter of weeks of launching it. Following the launch of a new website we offer additional search engine marketing using your company’s specific marketing objectives.