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Tutorials and Help Text

  • WordPress Codex – An older but still valid to find the help you need. It’s split into multiple sections so you can quickly find a solution to your issue.
  • WordPress Handbook – A more up to date version of The Codex which provides more indepth tutorials for a variety of devices

Code & Function References

  • Code Reference – Auto-updated on a per-version-release basis. The most up to date and indepth code reference.
  • WordPress Codex – Volunteer contributed development docs – may or may not be 100% up to date but still has a ton of useful information.
  • hookr.io – Another quick reference for functions and hooks.
  • Query Posts

Finding Help

  • WordPress Forums – The key place to ask any questions related to WordPress. Plugins and Themes have their own sub-forums to ask specific questions.
  • WordPress Stack Exchange – The best place to ask WordPress code related questions. Questions regarding plugins are off-topic here though.
  • WordPress IRC Chat – Channel #wordpress – full of helpful volunteers ready to answer questions.