Why Choose IQComputing For Your Hosting Needs

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IQComputing builds its hosting solutions on carefully designed network infrastructure that can not only scale to accommodate spikes in traffic but that also offers multiple redundancies which include diverse multi-homed carriers, load-balanced routing and reliable storage platforms. Our backup solutions are tested weekly (this includes utility to generator load switching, full bare-bones chassis backups and daily incremental backups of web, mail and database servers).

Our managed business class hosting services provides you with a peace of mind approach to the security and CMS updates of your website in which we take care of locking down and applying ongoing CMS patching and security fixes as they are released to mitigate the hacking attempts in addition to daily automated backups. We support every aspect of the site’s service.

IQComputing does not require any of our clients to host with us. Because we strive to be a one stop shop, we simply offer hosting solutions as a courtesy to our clients. In fact, most of our hosting services are offered with no commitment or long term contracts!