Mobile App Websites Introduction

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Why Mobile Web Apps Are Better For Business Than Native Apps:

Because of the high cost, slow update restrictions and unique app store platforms (i.e. Apple Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry/Windows App Store) of a traditional mobile app, we find mobile app websites to be more reasonable when it comes to cost of development, updating and device reach.

While a mobile web app isn’t appropriate for every project, for many sites it’s a great way to avoid the high cost of native mobile applications.

Some mobile app website benefits include:

  • Powerful functionality capabilities
  • No download or update wait time
  • Instant access through relevant keyword searches
  • Lower maintenance and overall cost (no app store submission fees or lengthy approval wait periods)
  • Mobile optimized design interface
  • Device compatibility (available for a larger amount of devices)
  • Long term permanency (unlike an app, mobile app websites cannot be deleted by a user)