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If you’re Windows user, chances are you have recently been part of Microsoft’s automatic Windows update that included having Microsoft Edge involuntarily downloaded to your computer, the icon added to your desktop and pinned to your taskbar. While this version of Edge is an updated version of the existing browser, some users are unhappy with the ‘pushy’ tactics Microsoft is using to get users to use their browser.


Automatic Icon Download

As part of this new update, Microsoft Edge automatically pinned an icon to both the toolbar and desktop of users who received the update. This new update has a lot of Microsoft users upset due to their pushy tactics to get users to their browser instead of competitors such as Google Chrome. Along with automatically pinning the icon to both the toolbar and desktop, once a user logs back on after the Windows update, a huge pop-up window appears asking users if they would like to set Microsoft Edge as their default browser. A lot of users fear that this tactic might have the opposite effect on potential users and essentially turn them off from using the browser.

In addition to this manual update, you cannot uninstall Microsoft Edge from your computer.


US vs. Microsoft Corp.  

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has used aggressive tactics to get users to use their products. In the early 1990s, Microsoft Corporation was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, and later sued, over allegations of monopolizing the PC market. The investigation came on the heals of the downfall of Netscape, Microsoft’s then top competitor. At this time Microsoft  A judge later ruled that Microsoft was in violation of the Sherman AntiTrust Act. A policy that aims to stop monopolies.

While Microsoft Edge has a lot of fresh new features, users are still skeptical of  what Microsoft might come out with next.

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