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Google shopping is now allowing new and existing advertisers to list products for free on the Google Shopping tab. This is coming just as many businesses are wondering how they’re going to sustain themselves during the Coronavirus pandemic. With more consumer’s online, this will allow retailers to gain more exposure.

For Existing Advertisers

If you’re already a Merchant Center user and Shopping ads advertiser there are no extra steps needed to kick start the free listings. Existing users, who have opted their products in to Google Surfaces (Google Images, Google Shopping, tab, and Google Search), are eligible to take advantage of the free listings. If you’re not already opted in to these surfaces, you can do so by selecting “Growth” and then “Manage programs” from the left navigation menu. From there you are able to select the “surfaces across Google” program card.

What if I’m already paying for Google Shopping Ads?

Why would you continue to pay for ads if they’re free? At the time of publishing this post, Google noted that for those businesses with paid listings on the Google Shopping tab, they’ll continue to appear as they do now. This campaign is a new way for advertisers to enhance shopping ads with free listings but while not explicitly stated, it sounds like paid ads will continue to take precedence in the actual shopping area returned by search results. A clarification request made to a Google front-line support representative confirmed this but it was noted that there is little information internally as of yet about the new feature.

We would assume these listings would either be ranked lower or only populate when no paid ones appear so for competitive product searches, this isn’t necessarily looking to be a game changer based on the information that we have to date.

For New Users

While Google is still working to establish a smoother on-boarding process for new users, advertisers are still able create an account and start listing products for free. To get started, visit Google Merchants to create an account or contact our St. Louis web design team for assistance! From here, you will have the option to opt-in to the different Google surfaces. Google is also kicking off a new partnership with PayPal that will allow retailers to connect their existing accounts. This is a great way for retailers to get in front of millions of potential customers. In the coming months, Google hopes to make the process smoother and more accessible for new users.

What does this mean for website design?
Google is likely being compelled to tweak advertising services on platforms, especially as ad budgets get slashed during the COVID-19 crises. For website design companies, this presents a great way to help first-timers into the Google Shopping network but the long term implications and Google’s willingness to keep the program going when the economy recovers remains to be seen.

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