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Website Features

A new website features many benefits that can include the following:

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Devices & More

Most websites today are viewable by modern smartphones and tablets but we take this a step further and offer you responsive websites that automatically adapt the desktop experience to smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets without any extra work on your part. Your users will appreciate the ability to view content without having to pinch/zoom while you receive organic search engine (SEO) benefits as a result of having an integrated mobile version of your website.  When it comes to St. Louis responsive web design, IQComputing offers you custom solutions for deploying responsive websites for both new websites as well as existing websites.  This approach saves you on cost when you’re looking to have our responsive web designers retrofit your current website with a responsive web design while retaining your current appearance. Get more information about St. Louis responsive web design by visiting Google’s multi-device layouts page.

Responsive web design examples


HTML 5 W3C Standards Complaint & Browser Compatibility

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an internationally community dedicated to the development of the standards that make up much of the Internet. We deploying underlying markup that is compliant with W3C HTML 5 standards wherever possible with your website. This approach helps to avoid scenarios in which your website breaks as a result of non-compliant W3C markup when new browsers are released and can also facilitate the indexing process by search engines as they crawl your website. Websites are also tested in all four major browsers (including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari) to ensure a consistent experience.

Built-in Printer-Friendly Pages

Your visitors shouldn’t have to do anything extra to print content from your website so we build this right into your website. Wherever possible, your pages can be printed with results tailored specifically for printing (this includes the removal of unnecessary screen elements such as navigation bars).

Social Media Integration

Want visitors to connect to your social media sites? We can build quick links throughout your website’s interface and even optionally add feeds that display the latest content from your social media feeds.

Social media integration website features

Usability & Accessibility

When considering website features, most websites have a broad range of visitor demographics. IQComputing takes that into account when building your website. We employ center-screen designs combined with text-based navigation to enable visitors who use browsing assistance software to browse your website. Unless specifically requested, we don’t make use of Flash in the front-end of your website to reach the most devices possible (including smartphones and tablets).

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics Reporting

Whether or not you want to add our optional organic search engine optimization (SEO) services, your website includes inherent baseline SEO features. This means that search engine-friendly URLs and a structured approach to paths are built right into the core of your website. Your website will also be provisioned with Google Analytics on every page. This reporting system can be setup to email you automatic traffic and visitor reports that include geographic insights (such as website referrers, where your visitors are coming from, how long they spend on your website and even such information as bounce rate as well as pages that receive the most results). At the very least an analytics dashboard and baseline SEO practices should be incorporated into the website features of even the simplest website.

Benefits of website search engine optimization and analytics reporting

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