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Organic Search Engine Optimization

IQComputing offers local organic search engine optimization series which target search terms used on the Internet’s largest search engines.  Search engine optimization is both a complex and often misunderstood approach to obtaining higher visitor traffic and by extension, generates leads and sales.

While it is not possible to guarantee placement or results, by following white-hat techniques as well as best practices, IQComputing seeks to improve both ranking and visibility with the three major search engines that account for almost all organic search engine traffic.

Our campaigns are designed to avoid black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, spam-based link farms, or irrelevant inbound linking.  To achieve these objectives, content is tailored to visitors with a balance between the need for human content and search engine relevancy/density requirements.

One-time optimization can yield desired results for some search terms however it is important to review the effects of one-time SEO to see if additional ongoing SEO or PPC services are needed for better traction.

One-Time SEO

Great for smaller one-time projects

  • Ideal for one-off organic campaigns such as new websites
  • Addresses common on-site issues that can prevent organic search engine optimization
Generates and uploads XML sitemap    
Adds robots.txt with sitemap index directives    
Creates Google Webmaster Tools account for submitting XML sitemap to Google    
Designed to have new sites listed in Google on an accelerated basis (as soon as a week)    
St. Louis (US) – 8×5 Based Support
(during regular non-holiday business hours)
Optimizes for terms *2 local search terms5 local search terms10 local search terms15 local search terms
Fast inclusion in Google results **    
Ideal for limited geographic areas    
Great for “presence” websites    
Fixes a number of common issues on existing websites that can prevent indexing    
Claims & configures Google My Business system
(displays in local or geo-targeted searches)
More visibility in Google search engine
(and integrated results with maps)
Claims & configures local business listings
on Bing and Yahoo search engines
Targets all three search engines
(Google, Yahoo, Bing)

* Inclusion and ranking performance is not guaranteed and is subject to Google search engine algorithms and policies
** Clicks do not guarantee business sales, performance, or results of any kind

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