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Widgets are commonly used to manage blocks of information in a WordPress website (such as the homepage content areas and sidebar blocks). If your website makes use of widgets, you can edit them by navigating to the Widgets page. On the left-hand navigation, click on Appearance followed by a click on the Widgets tab. If you do not see Appearance or Widgets then you do not have access to editing sidebar, please contact us!

When looking at the Widgets page you should see two panels.  The left panel contains all of the widgets that you can use. Some of these might include (but are not limited to):

  • Archives – This will list out months and link to your blog or news archive of that month.
  • Categories – This will list out your blog or news categories.
  • RSS – Will link to your RSS Feed
  • Visual Editor – Same editor you will see when editing pages and posts.  

You can drop each block from the left panel where you would like it in the right panel. Each Widget has its own “Save” button which once clicked will push said widget live to your website. Below is an image of what the Widgets Page looks like; you can see our widgets column on the left with our website sections on the right.

WordPress Edit Widgets page
WordPress Widgets Page

If you have questions about how Widgets work, having trouble adding widgets to a section of your website, or would like to add a widget to your Available Widgets section, please Contact IQComputing.