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Walkthrough – Assign Shipping Class

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You can add additional shipping classes ( and assign them on a pre-product basis ) by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Using the left-hand navigation click “Products”
  3. Using the left-hand navigation click “Shipping Classes”
  4. On the Shipping Classes screen fill out the name of this shipping class ( something unique ) and click the “Add New Shipping Class” at the bottom of the form. Don’t worry about the other fields as they are automatically filled in when added.
  5. Using the left-hand navigation click “WooCommerce”
  6. Using the left-hand navigation click “Settings”
  7. Using the tabs toward the top of the screen click “Shipping”
  8. Toward the top of the screen directly underneath the main tabs will be a line of horizontal links. Click “Flat Rate”
  9. Toward the bottom of the Flat Rate screen will be a portion called “Costs” with a table of Shipping Classes and Prices. Here you can manage what prices each shipping class has. Toward the bottom of this table click “+ Add Cost” button
  10. A new row in the table will be added with the cost field empty. Find your newly added Shipping Class in the drop down and give it the cost you prefer.
  11. Click the blue “Save Changes” button toward the bottom of the screen.
  12. Using the left-hand navigation click “Products”
  13. Navigate to the product where you would like to add the Shipping Class to. Click the product name which will take you to the “Edit Product” screen.
  14. Once on the “Edit Product” screen of the desired product, scroll down to the “Product Data” box which is usually found underneath the main Content Box.
  15. Once you have found the Product Data box click the “Shipping” tab on the left-hand side of the box.
  16. Toward the bottom of this tab you will see a section called “Shipping class” where you are able to find and assign the newly added class.
  17. Toward the top of the screen in the Publish Box click the blue button labeled “Update”.

If you found the above instructions confusing in any way, or if you got lost along your way, feel free to contact us for additional help. Learn more about Flat Rate Shipping.

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