Vector vs. Rasterized Files Types

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What is it about vector files that make designers go wild?

Let’s start with the basics. Designers are special creatures that love pixel perfect files that can be used anywhere, at any size with absolute clarity and consistency.

What does it mean to have an image or a logo in a vector file format?

In the most general terms a vector file is any graphic artwork that has the ability to be resized without losing its quality.

In other words, designers have the magical power to size your logo or artwork to fit into a tiny business card up to a large billboard! In fact, vector files are so versatile that they can be used for almost any medium.

Vector Vs. Rasterized Image Example

Designers go crazy for vector files because these file types retain the quality of logos and other artwork. But what about other image files like .JPGs, .GIFs or .PNG files? Be warned, you’ll never want to send any of these files to your professional design team. Being a mere, flat image, these file types just don’t make the cut since they’ll look pixelated when printed or blurry when enlarged on screens.

So how do you make your designer happy?

Send them your source file artwork in any of the following file types:

  • EPS
  • AI
  • Layered PDF file
  • PSD (ideal for layouts on “bring your own design” projects)

What are the rest of the file types called?

Great question, thanks for asking! These are referred to as rasterized file types, meaning they cannot be scaled outside of their resolution without losing visible quality (check out the above .JPG file at 400% image). If you’ve ever noticed that a website or even business card has fuzzy and grainy images, this is the best example of what rasterized images can look like when trying to be scaled outside of their comfort zone. Check out these raster file types for a quick reference:

  • JPG or JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Don’t have any of the above vector files types? No worries! Our skilled team can recreate your existing logo or artwork in a universally supported vector format. We can even prepare additional logo concepts with a fresher, more modern look if you’d like to take advantage of our vectorization process to give your logo new life.

If you need assistance with identifying a file type or if you’re interested in having us create/update your branding materials (i.e. logo, brochure, stationery, etc.), call our St. Louis in-house team!