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Google Analytics is a FREE service offered by Google that generates website statistics such as:

  • Website traffic and patterns:
    • Traffic source (i.e. direct traffic, organic search keywords, and campaigns)
    • Bounce rate
    • Visit duration
    • Frequency of visits
  • Visitor Information:
    • Unique (new) and returning web visitors
    • Visitor location and language
    • Visitor device (desktop, tablet or smartphone)
    • Onsite searches (find out what people are searching on your website)
    • Browser and OS
    • Social reports (the impact social media has on your business)

Google Analytic Results

Depending on your marketing objectives, we can create custom reports to fit your needs! With real-time reporting, you’ll have instant access to the numbers that matter for your business. Choose to receive a report daily, weekly, monthly, annually or as often as you’d like.