Changing the WooCommerce Default Product Image

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WooCommerce will automatically select one of their generic images to use as a placeholder for products with no images. A great way to spruce up a product page is to insert your own unique placeholder image. Default images are a great way to set your website apart from other sites as well. This will add personalization to your website that will help attract customers!

Upload an image to the Media Library

To skip the hassle of uploading a placeholder image to every single product,  you need to upload your selected image to the media library. This allows you to select an image file from your personal computer and upload it to WordPress.

Locate the Image ID

Once you have your selected placeholder image uploaded to the media library, you will just need to click on and open that image to find the image ID.


Update the Placeholder Image ID

Once you have the image ID, you will then need to go to Woocommerce>Settings>Products>Placeholder Image.

Once you update the image ID,  you will see all of the products without an image, updated with your default image!