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Proactive St Louis WordPress website monitoring

Help achieve peace of mind with monitoring for your website for connectivity issues and get a notification of connectivity problems should they arise.

Ideal for high-value websites
Business customers and organizations that depend on their websites sometimes need a higher level of confidence that their website get pro-active attention if there is an access issue during business hours. Our St Louis web design team can add an active alerting system that runs external to your website at regular intervals, notifying our platform admins and initiating a response.

Common outage causes
Some of the most frequent causes of WordPress website outages including:

How it works – There when you need it most during business hours!
For a variety of reasons, websites can experience interruptions. Should a monitored website become unavailable to external access by the monitoring system, a notification is sent to our platform team members and during normal business hours a ticket will be created with a high priority response level. Our development team investigates the issue and sends a response to you notifying you of the connectivity problem and detailing steps that can be taken to resolve the issue (to prevent false alarms, the monitor is not run during maintenance work so as to avoid unnecessary tickets).

Help protect your website and your business!
Monitoring is run externally to your website to avoid a scenario in which a monitor running on the website itself could be affected due to a larger issue with your website or the node that it runs on. We prefer this approach as a way to help catch larger issues should they occur at various layers including network, hardware, and software. Up-time is critical to almost any business website today and proactive St Louis WordPress website monitoring helps to support that endeavor.

Available on a monthly basis without a long term contract, you can add or cancel this service anytime.

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Services are provided on a best-effort basis during normal non-holiday business hours. You must be a customer of IQComputing on either of our managed or unmanaged platforms to use this service.

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