Importance of Keeping Google Business Hours Updated

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Google My Business is a product that is as ubiquitous as Google’s own search engine results. The data served by this platform is closely integrated in search results, maps, and other services to the degree that Google users may not even visit your website when they see its familiar card flash up in search results.

Appearing in Organic Google Search Results

The importance of updating your Google My Business hours

Fully completing your Google My Business account will help optimize your business listing in local, organic Google search results.
With that being said, it’s important to ensure your business hours are provided. If your business hours have changed, it’s important to update your business page to reflect those changes. Though business hours are just one part of your profile, they are still an integral part of optimizing your account. Keeping your business hours updated can help your business gain exposure among a wide array of potential customers.

Connecting with Potential Customers

During times of irregular operations, it’s especially important to ensure that your business availability is properly reflected in your Google My Business profile.
This transparency is helpful not only to customers but to also avoid potentially negative reviews when customers make the effort to drive to physical locations that are closed or call and get no answer. When a consumer goes online to search for your business, they are expecting quick, accurate results. A person is more likely to trust your service if your business hours are promptly listed on your My Google Business. You risk the possibility of losing a potential customer if you’re hours of operation are not correctly reflected on your account. During unprecedented times like now, it’s super important to remember to update your business hours as more places are starting to re-open.

Reasons to ensure that your GMB (Google My Business) profile is current:

  • Ensure that customers aren’t frustrated by closures that don’t reflect your current practices
  • Help avoid negative reviews due to inaccurate information
  • Establish confidence that your business is operating (even when showing closing times, it still demonstrates your commitment to customers)
  • Avoids unexpected visits from customers during stocking, unloading, or other non-public periods

Remember, customers may see your hours on Google My Business without actually ever visiting your website!



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