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When Rebeca Shults was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma, she went on a mission. She was going to use her dedication and resilience in the face of tragedy to start Blackout Melanoma. This foundation is used to educate others about the dangers of Melanoma. When Rebeca lost her fight to Melanoma in 2011, her mom Aneta took over to keep her story alive. Aneta came to IQComputing looking to make the foundation’s website a more attention-grabbing site that would get people donating, volunteering, and educating themselves.


The Homepage is Where the Heart is

When it came to the homepage, we really wanted to focus on bringing to life the fight against Melanoma. We wanted this page to bring awareness to the cause. We implemented a slideshow of pictures on the home screen to highlight families that have been affected by Melanoma. When someone comes to the site the first thing, they’ll see is how they can get involved with this organization, one of the main goals for Aneta. We wanted the homepage to highlight the families dealing with this terrible disease, but at the same time, putting out there all the way people can get involved with this organization. The old site didn’t highlight all of the different ways to get involved, and people really had to go digging to find events, etc.


Connecting with the Community.

Being a non-profit; volunteers, donors, and community outreach are all super important to the success of Blackout Melanoma. In order to help Blackout Melanoma, connecting with these people and vice versa, IQComputing first implemented blocks for ‘Upcoming Events’ and ‘Latest News’. These pages allow people visiting the site to stay up to date on what on different 5K’s, trivia nights and much more. It also allows for people to stay up to date on things happening within the Melanoma community.


Throughout the design process, we were able to implement a sleeker design with easy to navigate landing pages. We wanted the website to focus on the 3 main objectives of this organization – To educate, support & research.

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